VIRTUARED – Pro Evolution Soccer
VIRTUARED – Pro Evolution Soccer

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PES 2012 Editor v1.5 by w!Ld@

El maestro w!Ld@ nos trae una nueva versión del mejor editor de Option Files, en esta ocasión se añade soporte a la última actualización de konami y se corrigen pequeños fallos entre otras cosas.

Últimos cambios:

  • added support for japanese player name
  • fixed saving of non capitalized stadium names
  • added Market Price column to the Player overview window
  • improved free agents list ( no more managers included )
  • improved indication of players while dragging in edit team window
  • DLC 3.0 support ( thx Tottimas, davidecit and nickthejoker )
  • … and probably more, bud don’t remember
  • note 1: chants relink still not working for non-generic slots
  • note 2: occasional issue with custom stadium name still not solved