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In this forum you can find all the versions we will release for Patch, our official patch for PES 2020 - PC. Support in Spanish and English.
v7.0 - AIO


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  1. Download the 11 parts of the Patch, via Direct Download or Torrent. Unzip the parts, preferably with WinRAR.
  2. Execute Patch 2020 v7.exe installer. Make sure that the correct eFootball PES 2020 folder is selected.
  3. Download the 7 parts of the Stadiums, via Direct Download or Torrent. Unzip de parts, preferably with WinRAR.
  4. Move the folder stadium-server to your content folder (normally in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2020\content") - do not overwrite files, please delete your previous stadium-server folder.
  5. Download the Edit and unzip it, preferably with WinRAR.
  6. Move the file EDIT00000000 to the default PES 2020 save folder (normally in "C:\Users\{USER}\Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2020\{NUMBER}\save"), replacing the current one.
  7. Download the BAL Fix and unzip it, preferably with WinRar.
  8. Move the file VRED_Database.cpk to the default PES 2020 download folder (normally in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2020\download").
  9. Execute the shortcut Patch 2020 v7 created in your desktop. It will run the game + sider.
  10. Enjoy!
NOTE: if you don't see the VirtuaRED icon in the Patch 2020 v7 shortcut, you can download it from here and set it manually.

Important notes:
  • ALL CREDITS and detailed info of the patch is available in the Official Thread.
  • You can share this patch, but please respect the original links.
  • Any problem with the patch? Check first the Official FAQ, if you still don't solve your issue please ask in the Official Thread, we will try to help you as soon as possible.


- Compatible with Konami's DLC 8.0.
- Last Live Update applied: 9/4/2020.
- All teams and national teams of the game are licensed and have the original name.
- All the competitions of the game have the original name.
- Added the entire Bundesliga, J League, Liga Mx.
- Added new 21 teams to Other Clubs (Latin America) in order to complete Copa Libertadores.
- New European teams: Red Bull Salzburg, Crvena Zvezda, LASK Linz, APOEL FC, Esperance de Tunis, FC CFR Cluj, Malmo FF, PFC Ludogorets, Qarabag, Dudelange, Rosenborg, Ferencvarosi, Olexandriya, Wolfsberger, Slovan Bratislava, Partizan, Astana.
- New national teams: DR Congo, Gabon, Canada.
- New classic teams: PES Legends Europe A, PES Legends Europe B, PES Legends World, PES United
- Real id for all the national teams' players.
- Activated national anthems for all the national teams in the game.
- Added a total of 32 new Master League coaches to the database. Classic players: 26. Active coaches: 6.

- The best collection of faces you will never find. This patch includes a total of 1651 faces. Added also new tattoos and hairs, all of them in the best quality and 100% tested in-game.
- Included a total of 9437 mini faces.
- Faces and mini faces for all the new Master League coaches added to the game.

- Include kits for all the licensed teams in the database.
- Include kits for all the national teams supported by the game.
- Include kits for European Classics, World Classics.
- Updated kits for teams: Ludogorets, Estudiantes, Huracan, Racing Avellaneda, Rosario Central, San Lorenzo, and all the teams in Liga Colombiana.
- Updated kits for national teams: Colombia, Qatar, Corea del Sur, China, USA, Nigeria, Arabia Saudi, Bolivia, Tunez.
- Real badges in kits for Premier League + champion, SkyBet Championship, LaLiga Santander, LaLiga Smartbank, Bundesliga + champion, Liga Colombiana.
- New FIFA original referee kits replacing the fake ones.
- Added the Hawke's Referee Kit Server v5.0, which includes the official referee kits for a total of 45 competitions. Also includes Adidas and Umbro classics kits.

Balls, boots, and gloves:
- Used the Tisera09's Boot Pack v11, which is the best boot pack that we can find nowadays. It includes a superset of the most 100 recent boots.
- Used the Tisera09's Glove Pack v1, which includes a set of the 30 most recent goalkeeper gloves.
- Added the Hawke's Ball Server v14.0, which includes the official balls for the most important competitions around the world in very high quality, linked to more than 30 competitions. We also have added some extra balls and linked the balls for LaLiga Smartbank, Liga Mx, J League. Total balls: 324.

- All the non-licensed teams and competitions logos have been replaced by the original ones. All the logos are in high quality.
- Buttons and gamepad replaced by the PlayStation 4 ones (compatible with 4K screens).
- Includes MVP boards for: Europe Best Player, South America Best Player, Asia Best Player, World Best Player.
- Using the FuNZoTiK's entrances with new animations mod v1.1, which adds new trophies, stadium banners, competition anthems, entrances and animations.
- Using the Hawke's Menu Server v3.0, which improves all the graphics in the game: banners, screens, colors, and competition menus. An amazing look & feel that provides a completely new user experience in the game.
- Scoreboard Server that includes a total of 55 scoreboards, all of them have a very good quality. Many scoreboards include one or many real TV logos.

- A total of 474 stadiums. Many stadiums are updated with current sponsors and most of them originally had some flickering/white textures defects that have been fixed.
- All the stadiums are assigned to their local teams, and to the competition's final matches, being as much realistic as possible.
- Used the Chosefs's Adboard Pack Evo 2020 as a base, which has been extended by us. It includes real adboards for most of the competitions in the game, specific team adboards, global adboards and neutral adboards for the generic stadiums.
- Aerial views for some stadiums - for day and night matches.
- Improved the sunlighten for many stadiums, including dynamic illumination (sunset in the first half, night in the second half).
- Added high-quality turfs.
- Improved the textures for many stadiums created by Konami.
- Corner flag server which includes the original corner flags for 66 competitions and also for 157 teams (39 from England, 26 from Spain, 25 from Argentina, 18 from the Netherlands, 16 from Belgium, 16 from Germany, 14 from Italy, 3 from France).
- Choreos for all the Spanish and German stadiums, and also for some others.
- All the stadiums in the game have a new preview with a really nice look & feel.
- Real colored nets for a total of 46 teams.
- Real tunnels for a total of 49 teams.
- Real tunnels for competitions: UEFA Euro, FIFA World Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, UEFA Nations League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup.
- Using the FuNZoTiK's Stadium tunnels with cutscenes mod 1.0, which adds tunnels for European competitions and a total of 38 teams (and one generic for the rest of teams). It also includes new half-time cutscenes.

- Goal song server which includes goal songs for a total of 216 teams.
- Amazing new playlist which adds a total of 33 songs. This playlist will replace the default one and makes the menu experience much better.
- Used the Predator002's Chants Pack v9.1, which includes chants for 4255 teams and 157 players.
- Used the Predator002's Chants Base Pack v9.1, which includes a very rich audio background in the teams.
- Used the Predator002's National Anthems Pack v4.1, which contains national anthems for a total of 219 countries. These anthems will be played before the match.
- Used the Predator002's Tournament Anthems pack v6.4, which contains the official anthems for 49 competitions supported in the game.
- Used the Kunpup's Team Anthems pack v3.4, which adds official team anthems for all teams in Serie A, Serie BKT, Premier League, Sky Bet Championship EFL, Ligue 1, La Liga, Bundesliga, Raiffeisen Super League, and some other teams from all over the world. Total amount: 345.


Special thanks:
- Very thanks to the VRED Team members: Txak, Gnen, Meryoju, Juaniyo, Zagro, AnArKi_FrOsT, 6ons1, Garythano, DeyBIOS, Pablosky, Neorul. Without their help, this patch and its updates wouldn't be possible.
- Eternally grateful to people like Juce, Nesa24, Zlac, Obocaman, Barcafan, Jenkey1002, Goldorakiller, W!ld@, Ejogc327, Razib_46, Lagun-2 or Smeagol75. Their tools make us easier the edition task.

- Database edited by Txak.
- Stats and teams configuration by Txak, Neorul, RK7, PesoccerPeru, PesFanIt, RK7, PESUniverse, PesVicioBR, AndrewPES, iamRubenMG.
- Master League coaches linked to classic players by SoulBallZ.

- All faces compiled and tested by Garythano, Neorul. Thanks also to Juaniyo for his cooperation.
- Faces by Lucas, Ahmed el Shenany, Jonathan Facemaker, Emre T, DNB, Prince Hamiz, Volun, Huybuy, Jarray and White Demon, Eric, Tiitoo, Return, Ratatui, Messi pradeep, Fede, Galacton, Shaft, MadMax, Nene, Luis, Ghufran, Bou7a, Sofyan Andri, Francisco1507, Andrey93, Konami, Stranger, Danger, Unknown facemaker, bebo, K, Raden, Dustmcpw, AmirHsn7, KepaRik, Mincho, Octavio, FootballMania, Viktor S, PESWEB, Maratik182, Lr7face, Bolulu, Amey Varangaonkar, Spursfan18, Gordoumbanda, Whoami, Rednik, L.G.R. Facemaker, Jovic, Jovic1901 Juanchi25, DAVIDJM08, champions1989, ultra1312, Dominic, Oliver Martin, ABS, vojasrbin, I3ens, Farouk278, Bonofacemaker, Cybermaker, SR, Rachmad ABs, Andò12345, Random, Fernbacher, Nahue, MARK, Roger Contreras, onethiin, PES AZTK, supernova, dennisB1, halil furkan.
- Master League coach faces by Jonathan Facemaker.
- Master League coach mini faces by SoulBallZ.

- All kits compiled, prepared, and tested by Txak.
- Kits by Txak, Angeltorero, CDKitMaker, Aerialedson, Eder Mello 86, Bromley Kits, Alexvegask8, Hawke, Xurgen PES, UCH FutCat KitMaker, EPX76, GSAL1804, Caveras, Elements MAX, Yoko Diaz, Masuta, PTE, imzenox l kevin, AntonG25, rainP0322, AbRockyFalls_WE, waserin_PES, J.Kit_Editor, Ahmed Al-Hussein, VinnieCisneros, Lobosemillas, PESoccerPeru, Pablosky, Garythano, Pencho Galleta, Sando, EditemosPES, CristianNippon, JP Kitmaker, Speckkopf, Philips, iamRubeMG, Swoosh1968, Jch331994, Mezoeg, PESMaster.
- Badges in kits by Txak.
- Referee kit server compiled by Hawke. Beta testing by Cesc Fabregas.
- Referee kits by MJTS-140914, shawminator, Hawke.

Balls, boots, and gloves:
- Glove pack by Tisera09.
- Boot pack by Tisera09.
- Ball server compiled by Hawke. Help & support by Ziyech.2304.
- Balls by Hawke, Shawminator, NFS_FM, Vito, Tiitoo, Txak, Endo, Cronos, Danyy, Ppaaggpp, josemiguel_miuccio, Angelj107, Konami.

- Teams, national teams, and competitions logos adapted by Txak. Logos by Peslogos.
- PlayStation 4 gamepad by Sargox.
- MVP Boards by Txak.
- Animations and cutscenes by FuNZoTiK.
- Entrances by FuNZoTiK, 1002MB, isa.
- Trophies by Piero Rojas.
- Competition banners by ginda01.
- Menu server compiled by Hawke.
- Menus and other graphics by --SG--, 1002MB, Shawminator.
- Scoreboard server compiled and tested by Txak.
- Scoreboards by Txak, eskpist, Unknown32, FuNZoTiK, 1002MB, Lucasvillakapo, Andò12345, lohan258 (Arthur Torres), Hoppus117, JaviRiver, spursfan18, Ahmedromyo, Meryoju, qkhnsmskk, SG, ryudek, rifcap, Overall, Westaham77, Torisesan.

- Adboard pack by Chosefs, extended and tested by Txak.
- Adboards by Chosefs, majuh, ctonian, Nabawi, Cesc Fabregas, Hawke, BenjaDiaz, DrDoooMuk, Gothlay.
- Stadium server completely compiled and tested by AnArKi_FrOsT.
- Stadiums by Jostike games, the_pelado, AFA-PES, 6ons1, Arthur Torres (lohan258), AlexFreen, Andò12345, Don Pombero stadium maker, Ttb, El_Rubio_UY, xcdf86, UdeC_el Pro,, Eddduuuhhh, PeZedd, chosefs, LauDRuP, martinza, DexX, MYMRanger, MJTS-140914, omarbonvi, RavenFCB, José Ribeiro Junior, Ole, captain8lunt, _TheSpecialOne_, Hobbit.
- Corner flag server compiled by superb3222. New corner flags assigned and tested by AnArKi_FrOsT.
- Corner flags by superb3222, klerry, Neorul.
- Stadiums fixed by AnArKi_FrOsT, Txak, Garythano.
- Stadium turfs by Endo, Forstbite.
- Stadium previews designed by Meryoju and adapted by AnArKi_FrOsT, DeyBIOS, FranJavi.
- Custom colored nets by guorfan, Czahny.
- Tunnels by Andò12345 , Eddduuuhhh , Ethan2, FuNZoTiK , Hawke , Jostike Games , lohan258, Luke Wharm, superb3222, PES 2018, PES 2019.

- Goal song server compiled by PeZedd.
- Goal songs by PeZedd, ultrà cosenza.
- Playlist songs converted by Txak.
- Playlist by Patch 2017.
- Chants pack by Predator002.
- Chants Base pack by Predator002.
- National anthems by Predator002.
- Tournament anthems by Predator002.
- Team anthems by Predator002, superb3222, OBH, RIE, Dave78, Kunpup.

[Q] I have the v7 of the patch and I can't start a new BAL game.
[A] Please apply this fix, it fixes this issue.

[Q] Some players appear with blue/silver arms.
[A] You should make some configuration in your graphic card. Please follow this video to fix it.

[Q] In my current Master League/Be A Legend game I see a player with the name "Jugadores".
[A] This happens because we have changed that player in the database. If this is too ugly/unacceptable for you our recommendation is to start a new ML/BAL.

[Q] Some arms appear with a "silver" color for the players with tatoos.
[A] You need to make some configuration in your graphic card software. Enable your Anisotropic Filtering and set it to 16x.

[Q] The scoreboard server and menu server are not working, a random scoreboard and menu are appearing.
[A] Execute sider.exe as administrator and also your PES 2020.exe. It will fix this issue.

[Q] When I play with Real Madrid, the selected stadium it's Anfield. When I play with Liverpool, the selected stadium it's Santiago Bernabéu.
[A] Download the fixed map files form here. Move the files map_teams.txt and map_competitions.txt to your stadium-server folder (normally in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2020\content\staduim-server"), replacing the existing files.

[Q] I have a problem in San Siro, I select "Day" but it appears like in "Night" mode.
[A] In order to fix this, remove the folder light from the path "C:\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2020\livecpk\turfs\Asset\model\bg\st030".

[Q] When I move the stadium-server to the content folder I get an error saying that the path is too large.
[A] To aovid this error, you should unzip the folder from WinRar (or any other tool) directly in your content folder.

[Q] I have a previous version of this patch. Should I uninstall it before installing Patch 2020 v5?
[A] You can install the patch over an installation of a previous version. It should work without any problem.

[Q] It's the first time I install this patch. Do I need to have any of the previous versions installed?
[A] No, you don't. It is an All In One, which means that every version we release is accumulative.

[Q] Can I import teams from another Option File?
[A] This patch has all the teams licensed , so right now it's not possible to import new teams to replace the existing ones.

[Q] I can't reach the original download links, I don't know how to skip the OUO platform.
[A] Watch this guide, it will help you!

[Q] Sider is not working anymore and I can't see the stadiums/scoreboards/balls/etc.
[A] Please make sure that you start the game by running Patch 2019 v5 o by executing manually sider.exe before PES2020.exe.

[Q] I have extracted all the files but I don't see the file Patch 2019 v5.exe
[A] Probably your antivirus has blocked this file. Please disable it and try to extract again.

[Q] I can't continue my Master League, the game is closed unexpectedly, what is it happening?
[A] Probably you started the Master League with another patch installed, and that can be the problem. We do not recommend to continue with old stored games (started with another patch/mod) after the patch is installed, it's common to find these type of errors.

[Q] I get an error when extracting the content of the .rar files.
[A] Try to avoid external programs like JDownloader. Please download the files manually using a browser. Also try to download again all the parts, maybe one of them can be corrupted.

[Q] Some leagues and team names are not correct and appear with the default logo and name.
[A] Every time you access to Exhibition mode, you need to disable Live Updates by pressing R3 button. You can avoid to do this every time if you go to your Settings.exe and set 0 as UDP port (Online tab).

[Q] Is the patch compatible with Online mode?
[A] Sorry, but we cannot ensure that the patch is 100% compatible with Online. If you want to play Online mode without uninstalling Patch 2020, you have to use the DpFileList_Original.bin.

[Q] How can I use Sider?
[A] Just run Sider.exe (inside your PES 2020 folder) before running your PES 2020. Then, from the game:
- You can show/hide to the Sider menu by pressing the spacebar.
- Navigate between the different Sider modules by pressing 1.
- Switch between automatic selection and manual selection by pressing 9.
- Press RePag and AvPag to navigate to the different balls/stadiums/scoreboards...etc.

[Q] How to keep the XBOX buttons?
[A] Open DpFileList Generator tool and check all the cpk files except VRED_Gamepad.cpk and VRED_Gamepad_4k.cpk.

[Q] When the game is runnig I get an error "This application failed to start because msvcr110.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.".
[A] Download the Visual C++ Redistributable For Visual Studio Update 4 package and run it. This will restore the msvcr110.dll with the most recent copy provided by Microsoft.

[Q] What are the Bundesliga ID’s?.
[A] Here you have the list:
Código: Seleccionar todo
4124 --- FC AUGSBURG
4125 --- HERTHA BSC
4140 --- 1. FC UNION BERLIN
4126 --- TSG 1899 HOFFENHEIM
4137 --- 1. FC KÖLN
5010 --- RB LEIPZIG
436 --- 1. FSV MAINZ 05
4324 --- SC PADERBORN 07
184 --- FC SCHALKE 04

[Q] What should I do if I have another patch installed?
[A] We always recommend to install this patch over an empty and cleaned PES 2020 game.

[Q] The link is down and I can't download a specific part.
[A] Please contact us by email or through the Official Thread.

[Q] I don't see any icon in the created shortcut Patch 2019 v5.
[A] You can download the icon from here and set it manually from Windows.
Enhorabuena por el curro que os pegáis, sois los mejores con diferencia.

Siempre uso vuestro parche y es el más ansiado por llegar, sin embargo en ésta ocasión, no me salen los nombres correctos de los entrenadores, ni nombres de estadios...aunque el resto del parche está todo bien (caras y los cánticos de lujo sobre todo). ¿Soy yo o le pasa a alguien más?

topopatillas escribió:Muchas gracias un año mas por vuestro trabajo.
Sois los putos amos.
Un abrazo.
¡Gracias amigo!
PoTTe escribió:Enhorabuena por el curro que os pegáis, sois los mejores con diferencia.

Siempre uso vuestro parche y es el más ansiado por llegar, sin embargo en ésta ocasión, no me salen los nombres correctos de los entrenadores, ni nombres de estadios...aunque el resto del parche está todo bien (caras y los cánticos de lujo sobre todo). ¿Soy yo o le pasa a alguien más?

Hola PoTTe, ten en cuenta que esta es la primera versión del parche, y que ha salido apenas pasado un mes de su lanzamiento. Habrá más versiones y más completas :) .
Hola!, primero de todo agradecer vuestro trabajo, ya que me descargo vuestro parche cada año.
Al grano, tengo un problema al ejecutar el Patch 2020 v1, y es que me pasa directo a instalar sin dejarme escoger carpeta de instalación, creandome por defecto la instalación en pes2019 :eek: .
Alguien le ha pasado lo mismo o sabe alguna solución?
Gracias de antemano!
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