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DOWNLOAD Patch 2017 v6.0 AIO:
1- Unzip the 15 parts of the Patch.
3- Execute the installer of the Patch. Be sure that you select the proper PES 2017 download folder.
4- (OPTIONAL) Execute the installer of the Extras. Be sure that you select the proper PES 2017 download folder.
5- Enjoy!

Some notes:
  • Previous versions are not needed to install the v6.0 patch. It's AIO (All In One).
  • We recommend to install this patch over an empty and cleaned Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 game.
  • It is important to disable the live updates, if not, the EDIT file would be overwritten.
  • In order to avoid problems unzipping, don't use programs like MegaDownloader. Use the standard way to download. If you still have problems with some parts, try to download them using Mozilla/Internet Explorer.
  • If you have problems being redirected from to Google Drive mirror, check this tutorial.
Any problem with the patch? Check our OFFICIAL FAQ.

* If you detect any link down, let us know contacting by email:
* You can share this patch, but please respect the original links.
* All v6.0 credits have been updated on main post's CREDITS section.


- Compatible with Konami's DLC 3.0.
- Included Live Update 27/02/2017.
- All the competitions have been renamed. Created the competitions: Bundesliga, J. League, Libertadores, Liga Bancomer.
- Updated with 17/18 promoted and relegated teams: Premier League, Sky Bet Championship, Ligue 1 Conforama, Domino's League 2, Serie A TIM, Serie B, Eredivisie, LaLiga Santander, Liga 1|2|3, Liga NOS, Bundesliga, Superliga Quilmes Clásica, Campeonato Nacional ScotiaBank, Brasileirao Serie A.
- Added new teams: KF Skënderbeu Korçë, SV Zulte Waregem, FC Bate Borisov, HNK Rijeka, Apollon Limasol, SK Slavia Praha, FC Fastav Zlín, AEK Athens FC, FK Vardar, FC Sheriff, Rosenborg BK, FC Lokomotiv Moskwa, FC Spartak Moskwa, NK Maribor, FK Crvena Zvezda, FK Partizan, FC Lugano, Östersunds FK, İstanbul Başakşehir FK.
- Added new legend teams: Club Atlético de Madrid 95-95, FC Barcelona 91-92, Real Madrid CF 58-59, Real Madrid CF 86-87, Real Madrid CF 03-04, Liverpool FC 81-82, Manchester United FC 98-99, Nottingham Forest FC 79-80, FC Internazionale Milano 64-65, Juventus FC 84-85, AC Milan 89-90, SSC Napoli 87-88, BV Borussia 09 Dortmund 96-97, FC Bayern München 73-74, AFC Ajax 72-73, SL Benfica 61-62, FK Crvena Zvezda 90-91, Santos FC 62-63.
- Updated AFC Champions League 2017 with 17 new teams. 15 teams from AFC Champions League 2016 have been moved to Others Asia.
- Renamed all the non licensed teams and also the short names (3 letters).
- All the teams licensed into the database. Licensed the team Old Boys.
- Stadiums assigned to their respective teams and national teams.
- Linked all the adboards to the competitions, teams, and national teams.
- Updated the real group standings for UEFA Champions League 17/18 and UEFA Europa League 17/18.
- Real 17/18 UEFA Super Cup. In addition, real Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch local Super Cup 17/18.
- Reordered the Other Europeans and Latinoamerican teams.

Edit file:
- All the balls assigned to the correct national & international competitions.
- Sleeves badges linked to the specific competitions.
- Real coach names for: Premier League, Sky Bet Championship, Ligue 1, Domino's ligue 2, Serie A TIM, Serie B, Eredivisie, LaLiga Santander, LaLiga 1|2|3, Liga NOS, Bundesliga, Others Europe.
- Squares created for all added teams.
- Updated with all 17/18 winter transfers for all European leagues + Superliga Quilmes Clásica.
- Updated squads for all National teams qualified to FIFA World Cup 2018.
- Updated player stats to PES 2018 for all National teams qualified to FIFA World Cup 2018.
- Updated player stats to PES 2018 for Premier League, Eredivisie.

- This patch has the best and more complete faces compilation that you will find. We have a great collection formed by 5625 faces and hairs of players, all of them in the best quality and 100% tested ingame. We have chosen the best face for every player, and the most updated hair.
- Added a customized tattoo pack which adds tattoos for 379 players.
- Included 11 original faces for referees.
- Included a total of 10193 player mini faces.

- Original kits for all teams and national teams supported in the patch. Most of the kits are updated to 17/18 season.
- Also added kits for all fantasy and legend teams.
- Original referee kits for UEFA Champions League, AFC Champions League 2017, Copa CONMEBOL Bridgestone Libertadores. Added generic Adidas kits.
- All the sleeves badges have been replaced by the official ones in all the competitions.
- Generic Nike shin pads.

- Included the best compilation of boots found, in high quality, replacing the Konami's default ones. Updated to 08/06/2018.
- Included the best compilation of goalkeeper gloves found, in high quality. This compilation adds 100 new gloves to the game.
- Boots & goalkeeper gloves correctly assigned to most of the players in the game,
- Added standard Nike player gloves.

Big compilation formed by the official balls of all the competitions included in the game (both national and international competitions). It also has been included the winter season models.

- All the team, national team, and leagues logos are in HD. In addition, all the non-licensed teams logos have been replaced by the original ones.
- Added beIN Sports logo in Exhibition, Master League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, AFC Champions League, Copa Libertadores scoreboards.
- Included new VirtuaRED replay logo.
- New background for screens: "Press any button", "Loading", "Edit", "Match".
- Button and gamepad replaced by the Playstation 4 ones.
- New font (same than FIFA) which replaces the original one in all the displayed texts.

- Added a very complete stadiums pack. All the stadiums in a very high quality and with updated adverts. This pack extends the number of available stadiums up to 40 (39 real + VirtuaRED stadium).
- Animated adboards for competitions: UEFA Champions League, Premier League, Sky Bet EFL Championship, The Emirates FA Cup, Serie A, LaLiga Santander, Copa de S.M. el Rey, Supercopa de España, Campeonato de Primera División Argentina. Added also original static adboards for the rest of national & international competitions. New generic animated adboards. Under author request, animated adboards are exclusive only for Patch, any other patches can't use them.
- Animated adboards for teams: Arsenal CF, Chelsea CF, Liverpool, Manchester City FC, Manchester United FC, Tottenham Spurs, Atlético de Madrid, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid CF, Villareal CF, Borussia Dortmund, Napoli, Lazio, Roma, Bayern Munich, Benfica, Boca Juniors, River Plate. Under author request, animated adboards are exclusive only for Patch, any other patches can't use them.
- Static adboards for teams: PSG, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Monaco, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Rennais, Ajax, AZ, Groningen, Twente, Utrect, Feyenoord, PSV Eindhoven, Heerenveen, Sparta Rotterdam, Vitesse, Inter Milan, Juventus FC, AC Milan, and all Bundesliga.
- Better turf textures for the the stadiums.
- Improve the rain effect.
- Added animation for trainers (during the match).
- New stadium supporters adapted to PES 2018 ones.

- Amazing new playlist which adds a total of 33 songs. This playlist will replace the default one and makes the menu experience even better.
- National Anthems for a total of 146 national teams.
- Original supporters chants for more than 875 teams (589 teams each with 8 chant slots, 365 teams each with 4 chant slots).
- [EXTRAS] Original PES 2018 video-intros replacing the PES 2017 ones.
- [EXTRAS] Original PES 2018 narrators replacing the PES 2018 ones.


Special thanks:
- Very thanks to the VRED Team members: Txak, Cronos, Juaniyo, Secun1972, Meryoju, Tote_Alkor, Gnen, Tibinator, and Tizziano. Without their help, this patch and its updates wouldn't be possible.
- Eternally grateful to people like Juce, Obocaman, Barcafan, Jenkey1002, Goldorakiller, W!ld@, or Razib_46. Their tools make us easier the edition task.

- Database completely edited and managed by Txak, Zagro.
- Home stadiums linked to respective teams by Txak.
- Adboards linked to competitions/teams/national teams by Cronos.

Edit file:
- Sleeves badges and balls linked to respective competitions by Cronos.
- Original squares edited by Txak, Zagro.
- Original coach names by Zagro.
- New teams created by Zagro.
- Classic teams by Zagro.
- 17/18 transfers by Zagro.
- PES 2018 Stats updated by Zagro, Luis Wilfredo, Patricio David De Gea.
- Special thanks to Danang Purwanto for the support with Indonesia.

- Faces compiled and tested by Gnen.
- Faces and hairs by 3011HD, 4talafha, Abdallah Tamer, Abhik110, Adit25, Ahmaddark, Ahmedosos21, Alejomono, Alief, AlirezaFree, AM, Amir27, Amir.Hsn7, A.Mussoullini, Anaz87, Ancomata, Andri_Dexter11, Andrey_Pol, Andrews, Autentiko, Aykut Salih, A. Mussoullini, Bahty, Bekzadaev, BelvaGranata, Bono10, Bou7a, Boulbaba, Brilyan, Brunowygno, Burgos, Carzg, CgM2k7, Cleiton Silva, CR7facemaker, DanielValencia_EA, Dantezalazar, Dicky, Djony,DzGeNiO, Eddie, El Neest, Elmodamer, El Shenawy, EmreKaya, EmreT, Euler, Everest_9, Fede, Fampei, Fampei89, Fasemc, Fire24, FM Imortal 83, Football, Footballmania, Futsur, Galymtaev, Gan, GFB1907, Gleidson, godra94, Gonduras2012, Grkm, Gytteboy, G-PW, Hamiz, Hawke, H.Ashkani,HD3011, Huseyn, IamnotAdamBhatti, IDIZ, Iqbal, Jack, Jarray, Jefferson_SF, Jonathan, JuanKaa1990, JuanM, Juegav, JR, Kairzhanov, Kaua, Kelvinchan327, Kemal2, Kingsley, K0H, kpt1, Kruptsev, Kukus, Lastio, LF, L.G.R., Litos, love01010100, LF, Lincoln, Litos, Lucas, Lucas Horst, Luis, LuzDa, MadMax, Majestic, ManiaC, MarioMilan, Mauro, Maxi534, Maze32, Mayo, Memer, Mexican, M.El3raby, MH, MinchoSheen, Milagro, Mizar710, M.Mehrzad, MoHa, Muminek, Nadhif, Nahue, Nanilincol44, Nuron, Oguzhan E, Oguz Emre, oleh, Ozy_96, PantelG7, Pogoss, Prince Hamiz, Prince Shieka, Professional, Rafael, Rahul, Rasovukadinovic, Rato, Razor, Rednik, Remi, Reus11, Rio, RKH257, Robert, SantanAji, Sameh Momen, Saviogoncalves1995, Sekiz, Shaft, Shaggy, Shamrik_Gunners, Sho9_6, Siuhangtam, Sony Doni, Sotirakis, So-Yul, Spirit, Spiritusanto, Steet, Stev King, Straone, Sunbast, Tarcisio, The White Demon, tommy_b, TobalBarrueto, Tunizizou, TwistedLogic, Utomo, Vangelis, Vlad_R, WER, Windhook, VH, Volun, White Demon, Wygno, Yasin02, YNWA, Youssef, Zagro, Zikri, Ziutkowski, Znovik_S.
- Faces by Tarcisio with MROCK77 sponsorship.
- Tattoo Pack by Buenolacasito, Cholel Cesc.
- Special Thanks to DanielValencia_EA.
- Referee pack by Moha.
- Mini faces compiled by Gnen.
- Mini faces by Gnen, Zagro, FranJavi, Miguel Moreno.
- Mini faces source:,

- Kits compiled by Cronos, Zagro. Unicolor setup by Cronos, Zagro, FranJavi.
- Kits by agylsheva, Albiore, Andres Kits, Astracell, Blackbull, Bunburycraft, Carrasco, Cpozo96, Cronos, DarLeibniz, Erzo_77, FerchoPuyol, Geo_Craig90, GGDaris, Glen PESW, JCH331994, Juaniyo, K'Lerry, KingKong29, klashman69, Kolia V, Lobosemillas, MarckLDU, Matteo, Mena46, meryoju, Motta, NemanjaBRE, Rencho Kits, Patch LeoMaldini, PES World, Philips_99, PTE Team, Reqzo, RJPR, selfbias77 (4N63l), swoosh1968, TM, Tote_Alkor, Tricolor PES, Txak, VirtuaRED TEAM, Zahin Footie Graphics, Zagro. Special thanks to NemanjaBRE, mota10 (PTE Team), Albiore, PES Smoke Patch, WSKits, FUZZ.
- Referee kits by Cronos.
- Sleeves badges by Cronos.
- Shin pads by Cronos.

- Bootpack v11 by Latinpesedit.
- Goalkeeper gloves compilation by facuelpiojoso89.
- Goalkeeper gloves by FarhanA, IDK, killer1896, Konami, Mc Utd - EditPes, smeagol75 (Dino Editor), WENS.
- Boots & gloves assigned to real players by facuelpiojoso87, Latinpesedit.
- Player gloves by Cronos.

- All balls compiled and tested by Cronos.
- Balls by Cronos, danyy77, ppaaggpp, sarjonoo.

- Scoreboard TV logos by Txak.
- PS4 GamePad by Txak & Cronos.
- New screen backgrounds by Meryoju.
- Replay logo by Quangtri78.
- FIFA font by Cao Viet An.

- Adboards compiled and tested by Cronos.
- Adboards by chosefs, Cronos, Hawke, Majuh, Mephobia, sonofsam69, Sofyan Andri, Suat Cagdas, supalids, Txak, Zikint.
- Stadiums compiled and tested by Cronos.
- Stadiums by BlackBull, Boonaun, Cronos, Konami, S.Elafify, Santi69, Tizziano, Txak, Vangheljs y Yucel11.
- Mod Camp Nou v2 by Txak.
- Stadium previews by Meryoju, Cronos.
- Turfs by Cronos, Fruits, l4vezz1.
- Rain effect by Fruits.
- Coach animation mod by -InMortal-.
- PES 2018 stadium supporters by EsLaM.

- Songs converted by Txak.
- Playlist composed by FranJavi, with the collaboration of Ssc, Gnen, Tote_Alkor, Zagro, Txak, secun1972.
- National anthems by predator002.
- Supporters chants pack by predator002.

* If you detect any error in credits or you miss to somebody, please contact to us through our email:

[Q] How can I play with online mode?
[A] This patch is not compatible with Online mode. If you want to play online, download the default DpFilelist.bin and move it into your PES2017 download folder: MEGA.
You can switch between this DpFilelist.bin and the existing DpFilelist.bin included in the patch. The first one for playing Online, and the second one for your Master League -for example.

[Q] I can't continue my Master League, the game is closed unexpectedly, what is it happening?
[A] We don't recommend to continue with old stored games after the patch is installed, it's very common to find these type of errors.

[Q] I can't unzip the patch, I have some errors.
[A] Try to avoid external programs like JDownloader. Please download the files manually using the browser.

[Q] Some team names are not correct, or the players are fake.
[A] Every time you access to Exhibition mode, you need to disable Live Updates by pressing R3 button. You can avoid to do this every time if you go to your Settings.exe and set 0 as UDP port (Online tab).

[Q] Is the patch compatible with Online mode?
[A] Sorry, but it isn't.

[Q] There is an infinite loading before starting the match, and the match never starts.
[A] Do you have the CPY version? probably your crack is not compatible with 1.04.01 version and DLC 3.0 and some Konami's packs are not read.

[Q] What is the default order of CPK files in DpFileList.bin file?
[A] Here you have:
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