Herramientas para editar el PES 2018.

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Por Txak

Here we are again with Dino Editor. I updated last year tool because many work was done and I want to port. I left last year due personal live, this year is the same tool, you could do same things than past year. I only will fix a Big problem if have time, Until January i´ll be busy because I have to finish my studies doing a big final work on android and have to have formation on a Company so no free time until january. So sorry no request or work until January, I think all is working same way than past year.

Needed files from dt10.cpk and if there is a dlc replace old ones with the dlc ones
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You could change files over the pesdb, if you want to change playerappareance or GloveList or BootList found on the cpk where allocated and put on same folder than pesdb, If any one want to help please make a tutorial about tool usage, I have no free time for that. Thanks.
[COLOR=rgb(255, 0, 0)]Please make a Backup of your files Always, this is a tool and I make many mistakes![/COLOR]

Version 1.0 Out. See you on December/January:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/qvnn8fomn805j ... 1.rar?dl=0
https://mega.nz/#!XtYwjIwY!S7xYlNXx2a-6 ... 3bDbPJJXsU

-Fixed, Language Problems
-Fixed Tactics don´t save if change Id
-Fixed Age 15 minimum
-Fixed Player Develop Import on Csv
-Added on extra Tab Convert Database button and unzlib different kind of systems Xbox, ps3 and pc.
-If have problems after edit or edit manually Just select Unzlib all files, and Zlib again on extra tab. that will fix the problems and could open again on dino. Or just change to 04 the first byte on zlibed pc files with hexeditor. :)
Problems of multi system tool sorry.
-Fixed Glovelist and bootlist problems
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Por FranJavi
#352847 Muchísimas gracias por el aporte Txak :-)