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Por Gnen
PES 2017 Kits Pack 17-18 HD V7 AIO by Geo_Craig90


SIZE : 1.29GB

Full Kits:
– Ligue 1
– Ligue 2
– Serie A
– Serie B
– Eredivise
– LaLiga Santander
– LaLiga 123
– Liga NOS
– and Other European Some Teams, the Teams that playing for UEL and UCL.

“New GK Away-kits, Added GK Away-kits for UCL”
(More New Team added)
[Tutorial at notepad, please READ]

DP File List Order:
GC_90 2017-18 V7.cpk
GC_90 Others-Kits.cpk
GC_90 Bundesliga.cpk
GC_90 WC-Kits 2018.cpk
GC_90 Kit-Normal.cpk
GC_90 Unicolor [YourPatches].cpk

Note: No need Previous Version.
Unicolor is a for unlock slot 4 & 5 some Team.
use GC_90 Kit-Normal.cpk for not getting too much wet-kit.

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Password: See Ya at Next Season 2018-19
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Por Gnen
PES 2017 & PES 2018 #WorldCup2018V2

Include Fix : (PES17 ONLY)
CD Lugo
added New Sponsor Girona
added New Sponsor AS Roma
Added New-Kits 2018-19 (Preview on Facebook Page)

List V2:
Argentina : Home,Away,Third,GK
Australia : Home,Away,GK
Belgium : Home,Away,GK
Brasil : Home,Away,Third,GK
Colombia : Home,Away,Third,GK
Costa Rica : Home,Away,GK
Croatia : Home,Away,Third,GK
Egypt : Home,Away,GK
England : Home,Away,Third,GK
France : Home,Away,Third,GK
Germany : Home,Away,GK
Iceland : Home,Away,Third,GK
Italy : Home,Away,Third,GK
Japan : Home,Away,GK
Mexico : Home,Away,GK
Morocco : Home,Away,GK
Nigeria : Home,Away,GK
Panama : Home,Away,GK
Peru : Home,Away,Third,GK
Poland : Home,Away,Third,GK
Portugal : Home,Away,Third,GK
Russia : Home,Away,GK
Saudi Arabia : Home,Away,GK
Senegal : Away,GK
Serbia : Home,Away,GK
South Korea : Home,Away,GK
Spain : Home,Away,GK
Sweden : Home,Away,GK
Switzerland : Home,Away,GK
Tunisia : Home,Away,GK
Uruguay : Home,Away,GK
Denmark : on V3
Iran : on V3

DP file list Order:

GC_90 Kitpack 2017-18 V7.cpk
GC_90 Bundesliga.cpk (PTE 6.5.1) (Others Patch)
GC_90 Others-Kits.cpk
GC_90 National-Kits V2.cpk
GC_90 Kitpack 2018-19 V1.cpk
GC_90 Kit-Normal.cpk (Optional)
GC_90 UniColor (YourPatch).cpk
GC_90 Kit-Texture.cpk (Optional)

GC_90 National-Kits V2.cpk
GC_90 UniColor (YourPatch).cpk

*What is GC_90 Normal-Kit.cpk ?
use that if you think my kit was too much wet-kit. if you using it will be Cooler.

*Bonus :
-Some Home-Kits 2018-19 With New Font.
-Texture-Kits that I used to play.
*PNG file for PS4 are Available PES2018 Only, Ask for it.
*GK Away-kits are Available for Donate Only. Contact me on Facebook Page or Email.